I've been a Weight Watchers Leader for over 3 years now. I've missed blogging so I'm going to restart in a new blog. I'll share my thoughts, personal successes and struggles, and if I can I'll motivate you to achieve your goals.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The floods and 40th Birthday part 2

This Thursday I'll be on a plane on my way to mum and dad's (the boys are staying home). The plan is to leave Wednesday and stay with my aunty in Sydney on Wednesday night and fly out Thursday morning on the little REX plane to Griffith. It will be bitter sweet. The main reason for my visit was supposed to be part 2 of my 40th birthday. After what has happened in the last month. I'm glad the visit had already been planned.
Just to catch you up, we have had a very emotionally draining few weeks. 3am on Sunday 4th March mum and dad were evacuated from their home after 4 inches of rain the day before. The drainage channels in the area couldn't cope with the extra water and the water was rising quickly. The water reached the top step of mum and dad's and thankfully didn't go inside, but there has been some damage to items in dad's sheds.
My brother wasn't so lucky. He is married with 3 kids almost 8, 5 and almost 1. He has lost mostly everything. He had over a foot of water through his house and it hung around for almost 2 weeks. :( so what wasn't ruined by the water, has been ruined by the mould! It's just heartbreaking. He is insured thankfully, and the insurance will pay for the rent of a house while his is either "fixed" or rebuilt.
So it has been a difficult time for everyone. It's really hard to be away at times like these. I'm really looking forward to going "home". I was a "tiny" bit obsessed with the whole situation, staying up til all hours listening to ABC radio to hear the flood updates. :( The scales have not been kind to me in the last 2 weeks, but are back down now thankfully!

Vanessa & Sonia (my bridesmaids) have my time planned while I'm "home". So far I know I am having my hair cut, coloured etc and a massage. I know we are going out for dinner at least once. Knowing them it will be an amazing time and no doubt I won't be too impressed with the scales when I get home but C'est la vie!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Australia Day and Operation 40th Birthday

Today is Australia Day and my day started with a bacon and egg Breakfast WITH toast. I don't tend to have bread much these days.. The more I have the more I want. and I don't like the bloat that comes with it! So while I do have it occasionally I tend not to. I decided to go to the gym today and as luck would have it, Jamie (my favorite class instructor) was doing a TBC (total body conditioning) class.. I'm pretty sure I will hate him Tomorrow, Saturday and probably Sunday! But I'm really glad I did it! I've missed his classes.
When I got home I had lunch and decided to head to Harbour Town by myself to seek out a few bargains (which I did!) I walked for 3 hours strolling around the shops, until they closed and then I came home. We had Chinese take away for dinner, I had chicken and black bean and some steamed rice. Things like that are nice when you haven't had them for a while.
Tomorrow as part of Operation 40th Birthday we are heading off to the Barossa to do some touristy things.. We're going to the whispering wall , Angas Park Fruits and Maggie Beers Farm Shop. The kinds of stuff locals don't really do unless they are taking visitors there. Tomorrow night the plan is to go to Glenelg to The Top of the World Revolving Restaurant I hope we haven't left if too late to book :( Saturday the plan is to go up to Hahndorf and do some stuff that side of town.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Well hello there!

I know it's been a long time since my last blog entry but hey.. better late than never, right? I have decided on a new blog which I'll piggy back on my original blog.
An update on me and us.. Daniel is now 7 and will be in year 2 at school next year.. my baby is all growed up!
I'll be 40 (eek!) in a week or so! I was (not so) quietly freaking out about it, but I have decided that I'm just going to embrace it. I'm not the first person to turn 40 and I won't be the last, so I'm strangely calm about it now.. but I guess there is still a week and a bit before the big day!
I now go to the gym, yep you read that right, I go to the gym. I love spin classes, I'm learning to love the cross trainer and rowing machine. I generally really enjoy going to the gym. I never thought I'd hear myself say it. After losing most of my weight walking!
I still love my job as a Weight Watchers leader! I'm currently doing 7 meetings a week + 1 on 1 consults in Myer in Adelaide on Fridays.
I'm currently above my goal weight and I'm working on getting that back off again now. Just because I'm a leader now it doesn't mean I'm no longer a Weight Watchers member. I have struggles just like everyone else. I weigh in each week and chat to another leader about my week. My goal is to get to goal by May. I will do a whole separate post on goals!
Until next time..
I have seen a surgeon about getting some excess skin removed, which I am planning on doing sometime this year. I do plan on creating a separate blog about that!